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Plantation Blue

Plantation Blue Roastmaster Decaf Blend - Medium Dark Roast (16oz Whole Bean)

Introducing Plantation Blue's latest addition - the Roast Master Blend decaf coffee, a medium-dark roast blend of premium South and Latin American estate coffees, perfect for everyday coffee drinkers who prefer a decaf option. This coffee is the ideal choice for those who want a flavorful and satisfying cup without the caffeine, whether to start their day or for daily use. At Plantation Blue, we take pride in our passion for providing top-quality coffee blends. The Roast Master Blend decaf is no exception, with its bold and balanced flavor profile featuring hints of chocolate, caramel, and nutty undertones that will awaken your taste buds and satisfy your craving for a delicious cup of coffee. What sets our decaf coffee apart is that we use the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate our beans. The Swiss Water Process is a natural and chemical-free method that removes caffeine from coffee beans while maintaining their flavor and aroma. This means that you can enjoy the same great taste and quality of our regular coffee blends, but without the caffeine. Enjoy this coffee as part of your morning routine or as a pick-me-up throughout the day, without worrying about the caffeine. Its smooth and rich taste is the perfect complement to any breakfast or as a daily coffee choice. So, if you're looking for a premium decaf coffee that's full of flavor, ethically sourced, and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, then look no further than Plantation Blue's Roast Master Blend decaf coffee.