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Chocolate Rum Cake

Looking for some tasty rum cake with preserved freshness and flavor, to surprise your loved ones with a wonderful treat?

Bacardi Rum Cake is one of the best desserts you can ever have.

Exotic Flavors:
Our rum cakes are available in three delicious flavors; the original rum cake, Pina colada rum cake, and gourmet chocolate rum cake. Every flavor has its unique touch that will take you on a new journey of taste and ecstasy. Each cake slice will tempt you to taste some more and you will find it so hard to stop eating before the cake is finished.

Preserved Freshness:
These delicious cakes are handcrafted using premium quality ingredients and hand-glazed with 5 years old to give you the best we can. The freshly baked rum cakes are hand packed in vacuum-sealed bags to preserve their freshness for a long time. You will feel like receiving it right from the oven.

Perfect For All:
This exotic rum cake makes a perfect choice for every cake lover on any special occasion. Present them on occasions like Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc., and express your love and care to these special people.

Serving Size:  1-9 slices per container.  (22 oz)

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