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September 04, 2015


Coffee, the most popular hot drink today was an accidental discovery. The ingredient caffeine has several positive effects on nervous system. This refreshes the mind and can make anyone feel better almost instantly. However, Coffee refers to some weird amazing facts that present historical, social interest and evolution of human civilization around the world. Let’s explore some interesting fun facts about coffee.

17 fun facts about coffee that every coffee lover must explore…..

#1 According to many historians, coffee was first discovered by a herd of goats. An Ethiopian herder discovered a bean making his goats crazy in 9th century which was later termed as coffee beans.


#2 Coffee beans are actually extracted from a special berry species. Coffee beans have become popular as a standalone commodity; otherwise it may have been sold as coffee berry in the supermarkets.


#3 Coffee is the second most sold commodity around the world. Coffee stands second as oil (fuel) secured the first place in the list of most sold commodities around the globe.


#4 New York inhabitants consume 7 times more coffee than people from any other US city. New York seems to have all major coffee brands and franchises.


#5 Coffee can kill you if the amount exceeds the safety limit. The lethal dose of coffee for an adult is 100 cups of processed coffee drink. So be careful

about your daily intake Wink.


#6 There are about fifty different species of coffee. In different parts of the world, these coffee beans are grown naturally. Only the state of Hawaii produces coffee commercially in the US..


#7 This is definitely the most consumed drink. Approximately 500 billion cups of coffee have been consumed which far exceeds the current global population of 7.19 billion people.


#8 Recently, scientists are researching on other use of coffee beans. Some researches revealed that coffee beans may replace fossil fuel and work in motor engines in next centuries.


#9 If you’re willing to consume more caffeine, you should buy the light roasted coffee beans. Dark roasted coffee beans contain less caffeine than the lighter beans.


#10 Africa, Brazil, and Colombia produce more than 40 percent of coffee in the world. Hawaii is the only US state that produces coffee commercially.


#11 Once a coffee-lover made a world record of consuming coffee. He drank 82 cups of coffee in 7 consecutive hours. WOW!!


#12 During world war II, the soldiers used to compete against each other to secure the top coffee consumer’s position. US marine reported that the record was 20 cups a day.


#13 George C Washington, an English chemist invented instant coffee in Guatemala in 1906. The product was commercially launched in 1909.


#14 Kopi Luwak is excreted by a Sumatran species of wild cats. This refers to the most expensive coffee in the whole world. You will have to pay $100 to buy 4 oz of coffee.


#15 In the sixteenth century, Muslim rulers banned coffee due to it’s nervous effects. Coffee has been banned 3 times in 3 regions after it became a popular drink around the globe.


#16 Boston’s Dorothy Jones was the first licensed coffee brewer in the USA. She was granted a license in 1670 and then started selling brewed coffee.


#17 In Turkey and Greece, coffee is a part of their ancient culture. Still, they welcome their guests with coffee as a welcome drink. Now, about 65 percent Americans drink coffee with breakfast.


That’s all for now! There are thousands other facts that will surprise you. Stay with the most popular drink of all time, stay healthy. Have fun exploring some amazing facts about the most popular accidental discovery of human civilization.